Pottawatomie Garden Club
A spirited, award-winning group serving the community of St. Charles, Illinois.
Meetings: 4th Monday of the month, March though October

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Conservation Forum
Informational articles from our monthly newsletter about conservation...
More Articles will be added at a later date

May 2016 - Making Your Yard a Certified Wildlife Habitat

February 2016 - Conservation in Your World: Using Homemade Cleaners 
to Avoid Harmful Chemicals

February 2015 - Are your facial scrub and toothpaste polluting the environment?

March 2015 - Welcome Birds to Your Backyard

April 2015 - From the History Books: The Milkweed Plant—A Lifesaver

May 2015 - Save the Monarch Butterfly

June 2015 - Insect Spray, the Bad & the Good

July 2015 - Facts about the Bald and Golden Eagles

August 2015 - The Vanishing Honeybee

September 2015 - Something to Think About
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